Dating a girl who has never had a boyfriend

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I've known girls who started dating their now husbands at 15!because a guy i went out on a date with thought it was weird that ive never been with a guy before. the old me says go hide so i dont get made fun of, i dont want everyone to find out because i work with ALOT of young people, and its embarrassing. Whether you’re asking seemingly innocent questions on a first date or checking out his place for the first time, here are some tips to help you tell if your new guy has never had a girlfriend before.Just fell in love — as their friend — but didn’t date either of them because they weren’t interested in dating me (trust me, I tried, I really did). I could blame that on spending my formative years in evangelical Christians circles, where one usually ends up dating a member of that circle, and that just never happened to/for me.But knowing you appreciate honesty, I know it’s not entirely circumstantial.

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