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After you're done composing your message, click Save to preview it. It's not possible to preview a Custom HTML message in Survey Monkey, but you can copy and paste the HTML into a free online HTML previewer to check your formatting.

Any replies to your emails will be sent to this sender address.

A confirmation email will be sent to the contact email address you specify below.

Once your request has been approved, Feedback Loop email will be sent to the email address listed in the "Feedback Loop Email" field.

The Email Invitation Collector allows you to send customized email invitations for your surveys and track who has responded.

You can also schedule follow-up reminder and thank you messages to recipients.

Ru offers a feedback loop service, operated by Return Path, free of charge, to parties sending large amounts of mail to Mail. The feedback loop (FBL) will forward any mail reported as spam originating from the associated IP addresses back to the listed email address.

We highly recommend the use of a dedicated e-mail address for this purpose.

The collector status remains as Draft or Not Configured until you send or schedule at least one message.

Recently, many free web email domains like,,,,, and have updated their email protocols to be more strict about bulk email marketing.

Their policies prevent spam and email scams, but here’s what it means for you.

Apple ID Summary How you know this is a Phishing Scam: First, it's not even pretending to come from an address. Also, the sender is not coming from a UChicago email address. Illegal attempt to use your account from a different location. UChicago is not mentioned anywhere in the email, and the subject, sender, and signature do not purport to be from UChicago.

Also, the URL you are to click is 'shortened' which is a phisher's means of hiding the actual URL site that you would be directed to. Body: Due to high amount of Spam mails we receive daily, you need to re-set your Mailbox server with the below link to serve you more better and consistently and to restore your email access. The sender didn't even bother to enter a subject so you would know what the email is about. The bigger red flag is the use of a URL shortener, as they can be used to hide the actual link being used and can direct you to another unsafe site.

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