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So rather than seeing the obvious chat bot from a random user who’s just added you, it comes from someone you already know. I bet many unsuspecting people do click through: contact: you there? thanks so much me: rest assured I won’t contact: im going to go cook while you do it me: what does a bot cook? me: bot bot bot The link it sends appears to go to a slightly different domain each time (the first was to iqtestingkoia, the second to iqtestinghiki3) It’s also interesting that the bot appears to both initiate chat sessions and respond to them.

me: hey contact: will you do me a quick favor and take an IQ quiz for a project im doing? The first time I saw the attack attempt, the chat was initiated by the bot.

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A sincere, witty, charismatic, well-educated and most importantly very tall caucasian male who is fit and healthy, non-smoker and interested in life. Female, ummmm got enof males friends only if yu gat good business deal sha, eheheh Re: Post Your Yahoo ID Here and Chat With Friends on YM by holythug (m pm On May 22, 2008 ji Re: Post Your Yahoo ID Here and Chat With.

Yahoo Messenger might be the best messaging app no one will use.

The company just released a completely revamped version of its messaging platform, focused on mobile, group messaging and image sharing.

But it’s not just about text as you can send pictures for example.

The app lets you shoot something with your phone or pick photos already in your camera roll.

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