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We have played, sung, painted, cooked, built and played some more.

We have celebrated the festivals and learnt the stories of our history.

I love music all types especially R & B but anything with a...

"Tattoos After Dark" star Asaru Mushavu put his mark on a woman's face -- in the form of a nasty bruise -- after he cold-cocked her for no reason outside of his tattoo parlor ... Corey Fortenberry claims Mushavu attacked her last year while she was helping a drunk friend who was puking in front of "House of Ink" -- the Venice tattoo shop featured on the TV show. and then pushed Fortenberry and punched her in the face.And so, in his Optiks, Newton adroitly described his “proof” of light’s substance, narrating his method in one of the most famous scientific experiments of all time.Wielding only a prism (or so the story goes), Newton described how he created a perfect rainbow out of white light, the rainbow composed of neat and distinct shades.That's because using sheer willpower to consciously banish your fear and hesitation doesn't work.Your willpower is no match for your unconscious mind's program of fear and hesitation - fear and hesitation that you've probably practiced for years.

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