Non smoker dating a smoker

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The non-stick grilling area collapses down to 4 inches and includes a convenient carrying bag for easy storage.

Made of a stainless steel grate,a powder-coated body and a heat resistant carbon steel fire box, this sturdy compact grill holds up to 8 lbs.

In Burn magazine's interviews several celebrities revealed they prefer kissing non-smokers.

'The book was motivated by two life changing events, one was the death of my mother, last year and the second, on the heels of her death was the discovery of my own lung cancer,' she revealed.

'These two events sort of made me reflect on many things.' She's got the look: Stefanie wears a form-fitting dress which accents her curves along with platform pumps and tights The film and TV star, who is a former smoker, admitted she was frightened when she first received the cancer diagnosis, and she credits regular doctors' visits with saving her life.'I was very, very fortunate because of early detection and it’s something I preached to everyone because early detection is everything .' The Hollywood native said she's not sure if years of smoking contributed to her illness.'I had been a smoker a long time ago, but my stepsister, with whom I share no blood, she had the exact same thing and she never smoked a day in her life.'The actress described writing the book as therapeutic: 'It was a wonderful opportunity to walk down memory lane.'In the memoir, she also opens up about her love affair with Sunset Boulevard actor William Holden. Holden, who died in 1981, had a reputation in Hollywood for being a raging alcoholic.

Wearing a form fitting, pinstriped black dress, black pumps and tights, Stefanie smiled as she exited the set of the ITV chat show Loose Women.

The Hart To Hart star's autobiography, One from the Hart, focuses on Stephanie's struggle to deal with the death of her mother, as well as the actress's own battle with cancer.

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