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Monroe Peter Friedman (1972) ,"Consumer Responses to Unit Pricing, Open Dating, and Nutrient Labeling", in SV - Proceedings of the Third Annual Conference of the Association for Consumer Research, eds. Venkatesan, Chicago, IL : Association for Consumer Research, Pages: 361-369.

[The author is professor of psychology and director of the Center for the Study of Contemporary Issues at Eastern Michigan University.] This paper reviews recent research relating to three new informational displays which have been proposed to assist consumers with their shopping decisions.

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Unit pricing, as the practice is now widely called, is not a new development, having been used by supermarkets for many years to display price information for such store-packaged, variable-size products as meats and cheeses.These codes typically appear on shelf stable products such as canned and boxed foods.Some manufacturer's stamp the date the product was manufactured or packaged.    - Open Dating - The most common form of dating is referred to as “open dating." Open dating uses a calendar date, as opposed to a code on a food product.Common examples include "Sell by", "Best if used by” and "Use by." Open dating is not a safety date.

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