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These include advances in tectonic geomorphology, ore and petroleum migration, and climate dynamics.As geochronology continues to evolve, it will continue to not only inform and support the diverse fields that draw from it, but play a major role in influencing their courses and interactions.As director and founder of the AIRIE Program, I am also a senior research scientist and professor in the Department of Geosciences at Colorado State University (CSU).AIRIE currently partnered with the CEED Centre of Excellence at the University of Oslo.While geochronology is an essential tool for nearly any field of earth and planetary science, it is also important to recognize it as a rapidly evolving and dynamic field in its own right.In the last few decades, major theoretical and technical advances in geochronology have influenced the research directions in earth and planetary research and directly driven some of the most important breakthroughs.

The rhenium-osmium (Re-Os) dating technique is uniquely able to date directly sulfide minerals and some natural metals because both elements have strongly siderophile and chalcophile characteristics.To date, only classic marine petroleum systems have been studied.Here we present Re–Os geochronology and Os isotope fingerprinting of different petroleum phases (oils, tar sands and gilsonite) derived from the lacustrine Green River petroleum system in the Uinta Basin, USA.AGC Mission: Quantitative measurements of dates and rates of events and processes provide some of the most fundamental foundations of earth and planetary science.Geochronology establishes the basis for our understanding of phenomena ranging from condensation of the solar nebula 4.6 billion years ago to the nature and pace of climate change in the last ten thousand years.

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