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This app was created with gay, bisexual and bi-curious men in mind.

It has grown to have more than 5 million users, so there are plenty of men to choose from no matter where you are — members are scattered across 196 countries.

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And while the concept took some time to gain traction with the mainstream public, for LGBTQ singles it was the ticket to a brave new world.

The future of dating is upon us in the form of matching apps, and tech’s made long-distance loverdom with someone you’ve never met more palatable than ever.

Finding someone to love is now as easy as swiping right, right? ” but what we once thought was the utopian future of dating is actually wounding a critical human indicator for intimacy: the click.

After all, what better way to privately seek other like-minded individuals without having to deal with disapproving family members, outing yourself to coworkers or even placing yourself in a dangerous situation?

Just the logistics of having to find a gathering spot in some parts of the country made the online experience a no-brainer.

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