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Adobe Flash and Java are two downloads most of us have installed on our Windows computers, as they give us a richer internet and browsing experience.

We have already seen how to manage Adobe Flash Settings.

Caching is the most important performance optimisation technique.

There are many things that can be cached in persistence, objects, data, database connections, database statements, query results, meta-data, relationships, to name a few.

The client library is an open source framework with sources hosted on Git Hub and binaries both directly downloadable and available through Maven Central.

To introduce the Java client library I'll go over usage basics in the context of a simple example and then show how to deploy that example code to Application Container Cloud.

Caching in object persistence normally refers to the caching of objects or their data.

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Java is a programming language and computing platform, which powers state-of-the-art programs including utilities, games, and business applications.you simply specify the amount of memory you want to cache and whether you just need basic non-HA cache for dev/test or reliable caching for production and the appropriate infrastructure is automatically provisioned.The ACCS Application Cache is built on the highly performant and scalable Oracle Coherence in-memory data grid that's been powering trading and other memory and time sensitive applications for years.Data requests like database queries, extensive computations, file reads or report composition, come at a dear price of high latency times.Caching APIs can lower that price, yielding a drop in latencies, considerable increases in performance, improved concurrency and scalability plus savings in bandwidth and a reduction in server costs.

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